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Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting 2024

August 9 - August 13

From the event website:

Innovating for the Future invites members to examine the interplay of innovation, policy, and purpose as a lens for rethinking conventional ways of leading, managing, and organizing.

The future state of the organization is of perennial concern to management scholars and managers themselves. Political unrest, economic volatility, inequality, rapid technological change, environmental erosion, health crises, and pronounced societal issues across the globe continue to challenge traditional approaches to governing the organization.

What are the implications for the organization of the future? The unprecedented complexity underscores the importance of innovation and policy-making (at macro, meta, and micro levels) in shaping organizations in pursuit of sustainable growth. Developing novel managerial and organizational purpose driven solutions to address this complexity requires collaboration and co-innovation with and among multiple stakeholders. Yet, orchestrating an evolving and diverse set of independent actors to solve untamed problems requires working in unfamiliar ways. Empirical research also reveals the tradeoffs and difficulties organizations encounter when responding to the multi-faceted, concurrent challenges.


Chicago, Illinois, USA
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