GWS Society is a non-profit academic society with currently around 40 members. It is registered as “eingetragener Verein” (e.V.) in Germany. It was founded in 1968 with the intention to bring together top managers and scholars who are interested in discussing and developing business, managerial and social cybernetic problems.

In the annual conferences and symposiums organized by GWS, practical problems in the application of cybernetic knowledge have been standing in the foreground and practitioners have held a significant part of the presentations.

GWS Society has been founded as a community in the German-speaking countries, and the primary language of the Society is German. Please note that therefore, not for all of the pages on this site an English translation has been prepared. For access to all contents, please switch to the German menu.

Objectives of GWS

GWS Society sees itself as a community that is committed to the further development and application of systems thinking in all its facets. The focus of the GWS is on applications in business, society and politics. The group of our members is correspondingly diverse and interdisciplinary.

GWS Society was founded in the spirit of cooperation between science and practice with the aim of being a funding and meeting point for managerial and social cybernetics. It serves the purpose of promoting a community of personalities who, through the exchange of information and ideas, spread and deepen the ideas of cybernetics for their application in business, politics and society.

From the statutes of GWS e.V.

The Society has set itself the following goals, in which all members are invited to participate:

  • The identification, development and dissemination of ideas and methods of cybernetics in business, politics and society in conjunction with the findings and experiences of general science and practice.
  • The training and further education of managers in business, politics and administration in the field of general principles and applied cybernetics and the promotion of interest in cybernetics, especially among young people.
  • The promotion of investigations and studies dealing with the application of cybernetics in economic and social areas.

What does GWS do?

The following activities in particular can be organized under the auspices of the GWS. Events, workshops or studies can arise out of the Society’s discourses – or individual members are supported in carrying out their independent initiatives.

  • Measures for the exchange of information and experience with other institutions and associations, practitioners and scientists in the field of economic and social cybernetics and in other affected areas,
  • The implementation of events, seminars, symposiums, working groups, courses that are intended to spread and deepen knowledge and experience in managerial and social cybernetics,
  • Carrying out investigations according to scientific standards in research and practice. This includes the development, collection, publication and dissemination of specific research results,
  • Public relations work to continuously support relevant opinion-forming processes.

The Society is sustained by the spirit, interest and commitment of its members. If you are interested in contributing, you can become a member.

Partners of GWS

The GWS is a member of the International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR). The IFSR is the umbrella organization for systems research organizations worldwide. Through its membership in the IFSR, GWS keeps in touch with the global community.

GWS web space at IFSR

Institutional and Corporate Members of GWS Society

Dr. Boysen Management + Consulting GmbH, Koblenz

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