Becoming a member

Membership to GWS Society gives you access to a community that is committed to the further development and application of systems thinking in all its facets. The focus of the GWS is on applications in business, society and politics. The group of our members is correspondingly diverse and interdisciplinary.

Contact us if you would like to be part of the activities or if you initiate initiatives related to managerial and social cybernetics.

Information on the membership

The following types of memberships are currently possible with the GWS. The stated membership fee is per year.

  • Institutional Membership for legal organizations and associations (300EUR)
  • Personal Membership (30EUR)
  • Personal membership with reduced fee for students and graduates until 3 years after graduation (15EUR)
  • Senior Membership. For members reaching the age of 70 fees are waived.

If you would like to sponsor GWS activities or events, you are welcome to do so in the form of material resources, donations, the provision of rooms for meetings or an institutional membership. Please contact the GWS Board about this.

Statutes (Satzung) of GWS e.V.

How to become a member

Send us an informal request to office (at) and enclose the completed application form linked below.

The Board of GWS e.V. will contact you and jointly decide on your admission or the admission of your organization into the society.

If you would like to find out more about GWS Society in advance, please contact us at office (at) for a call.

Below you find the application form and further legal information. Please note that these forms are in German language as GWS is registered in Germany as a non-profit organization. The GWS office will be happy to assist you in case of any language issues.

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